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Welcome to The Money Tea!

Welcome to The Money Tea!

The Money Tea

Welcome to The Money Tea!

You know the dreaded feeling you get right before checking your account balance? The Money Tea’s mission is to help you get rid of that feeling and support you in developing a healthier relationship with your finances. The Money Tea exists to help you own your financial wellness by providing free resources to save more, invest more, earn more, and live well.

We have all probably been stressed by money at some point. And when we are, often we have taken to Google to search for tips like “how to make more money”, “easy side hustles”, “ways to save”, etc. Almost all search returns either sell a fantasy, a quick fix scheme like how to make it big blogging or selling on the internet, or giving textbook financial information that truly put us to sleep.

The aim of The Money Tea is to simplify the topic of finance and share tips and tricks that will help you live your best possible life. There is a lot to be gained when we cultivate a better relationship with money and develop an understanding of our finances. You can get the latest personal finance information either on this site, YouTube channel, Instagram page or Facebook page.

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Colette (Founder of The Money Tea)

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